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Leveraging the power of data and analytics to improve the education sector

About Junyo

Junyo brings data-analytical solutions to the K-12 sector.

We build solutions that help districts and schools enhance learning outcomes.

Our flagship product is Junyo Streams, a classroom toolset used by K-12 teachers and schools to personalize student learning. We also develop data solutions and analysis for K-12 partners and businesses.

Everything supports Junyo’s commitment to helping the educational market make sense of the vast amounts of available data.

Introducing Streams

Streams is a classroom toolset for K-12 teachers.
Learn more at the Streams website.

4 Pillars of Junyo





How We Work

For Schools: Enhance
classroom learning

  • Access rich curated content
  • Customize learning
  • Analyze engagement
  • Review student progress

For Partners: Provide data analytics

  • Use our data-analytics solutions to support your offerings
  • Boost results and learning experiences
  • Empower teachers, schools and districts with rich content
  • Help personalize learning to individual students

Our Team

Who We Are

We are former teachers, education administrators, and superintendents. We are veteran entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley engineers passionate about supporting the education system. Combined, we have more than:

  • 50 years K-12 teaching and administration experience
  • 100 years of edtech and education business experience

Our business successes includes co-founding Zynga, founding and operating Canada’s largest edtech company, running the API platform business at MasterCard and growing Netflix into a household name.

Early investors include Learn Capital, NewSchools Venture Fund, and Kapor Capital and other angel investors. We’re based in Silicon Valley’s Menlo Park, CA, with an active development studio in Orlando, FL.

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1010 Doyle Street, Menlo Park, California 94025

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