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Junyo Disrupts K-12 Market with Introduction of EdLights

Innovative market intelligence platform for K-12 publishers and suppliers delivers unique and actionable insights about districts and schools

CIC 2013 – WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 3, 2013 – Junyo, Inc., a pioneer in developing data- centric solutions with the power to improve efficiencies and learning processes within the education system, today announced EdLights, a disruptive K-12 market intelligence platform that delivers unprecedented marketplace visibility, usability, and affordability to educational publishers and suppliers.

The EdLights suite of products provides actionable insights about nearly every U.S. district and school, empowering the educational channel like never before to understand and better respond to schools’ individual needs.

Interested parties can find out more at, or visit Junyo’s booth #22 at the Content in Context conference and tradeshow taking place this week in Washington, D.C.

“Junyo’s primary mission is to improve teaching and learning through the use of data to inform and ultimately improve instruction. EdLights is a critical first step in achieving this objective,” said Steve Schoettler, founder and CEO of Junyo. “EdLights delivers all of the functionality one would expect in a modern business tool and directly addresses the needs of companies selling to schools at both a corporate and individual salesperson level. By enabling a targeted, informed approach for publishers and suppliers, we’re helping to ensure that the right resources are getting to the students and teachers that need them.”

EdLights’ product suite enables Junyo to support all levels of sales, marketing and customer-management activity within the K-12 environment. EdLights Prospector is the flagship product and the world’s first K-12 market intelligence tool designed specifically for the needs, budgets and mobility requirements of individual sales representatives. EdLights File Service is for corporate environments and provides Prospector’s deep marketplace data plus additional subcategories in a convenient CSV file format that companies directly upload into their CRM systems. EdLights Contacts offers additional school and district contact lists for separate purchase and makes all information visible, including phone and email.

EdLights benefits include:

Visibility – EdLights delivers unprecedented insight into the needs of K-12 schools

  • Instant targeting at the district and school levels using hundreds of unique data points
  • Immediate filtering and customized searching capability
  • Full access to more than 1.8 million K-12 personnel – no “hidden” emails
  • Rich and current data on student populations, funding (federal, state, local), expenditures, community demographics and more

Usability & Mobility – Prospector’s intuitive interface and File Service’s convenient CSV upload ensure EdLights can provide market intelligence to the entire channel, whether in the office or on the road

  • Easy accessibility from anywhere on desktops or mobile devices (Prospector)
  • Adjustable map views to quickly locate a school or district (Prospector)
  • Straightforward integration with existing CRM systems (File Service)

Affordability – Each EdLights product costs significantly less than its competitive counterpart while delivering great functionality

  • Unlimited annual usage (Prospector, File Service and Contacts)
  • Multiple pricing plans (Prospector, File Service and Contacts)
  • Generous credits for high “bounce backs” on undeliverable emails (Contacts)

“There has never been a better time to leverage the power of data to improve the K-12 system. In addition to getting schools the right resources, EdLights helps publishers and suppliers increase their productivity and close more sales more quickly,” said Wayne Poncia, vice president of business development at Junyo. “As it stands today, the K-12 public education system delivers the lowest ROI of any U.S. industry. We firmly believe that EdLights will help change that.”

EdLights Availability & Usage

EdLights is available to publishers and suppliers today:

  • EdLights Prospector (Individual) – EdLights Prospector delivers to salespeople a powerful, full functionality tool to research, prospect, target and contact new customers. High-performing sales representatives use Prospector in the office or on the road to reduce time-to-sale, better understand their existing and potential customers, prospect for new sales and create their own target and contact lists.
  • EdLights Prospector (Corporate) – Corporate packages of Prospector allow sales and marketing departments to gain all of the advantages of the individual Prospector subscription at reduced pricing for volume purchases. Sales managers can view all territories and make recommendations to their teams. Marketing departments can better understand territories and prospective customers, so they can more effectively support sales operations and customer relationships.
  • EdLights File Service – EdLights File Service delivers the complete EdLights data set in a convenient CSV file format that can be uploaded into existing CRM systems. The information complements and enhances a company’s existing customer database and enables sales organizations to identify new opportunities as well as improve existing relationships.
  • EdLights Contacts – EdLights’ contact lists are sold separately as CSV files. Customers may purchase them independently or as part of EdLights File Service. The lists are refreshed at least twice annually and are among the most affordable in the industry. Junyo provides full credit for validated hard bounces that exceed 8% (one of the highest credit rates in the industry). Separately, all Prospector subscribers automatically receive 365 detailed contacts free each year and may purchase additional contacts directly within Prospector.

Junyo will demonstrate EdLights in its booth #22 at the Content in Context conference and tradeshow, taking place today through June 5, 2013, in Washington, D.C. Follow Junyo and EdLights on Twitter @junyo and @edlights.

About Junyo

Junyo uses big data to improve learning in K-12 education. We operate multiple business units, including Junyo Streams, a teacher classroom tool that organizes and curates student educational materials and provides personalized learning insights; Junyo Platform, global API services for securely managing and analyzing education data; and EdLights, a market-intelligence platform for K-12 publishers and suppliers. Our goal is to improve learning outcomes by fostering an environment where every student has a path to success that is concrete, engaging and sustainable. Junyo is based in Menlo Park, CA. Investors include NewSchools Venture Fund, Kapor Capital, and Learn Capital.

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