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Junyo showcases new app and opens beta at Early Literacy “Dreams Come True” Summit

Joyful Literacy Beta Sign-up Website


At the “Dreams Come True” Early-Learning Summit in Seattle, WA, Junyo announces the opening of the beta sign-up for early literacy app – Joyful Literacy.

This is the product of the partnership between the early-literacy expert, Dr. Janet Mort, and the edtech company, Junyo. With more than 200 publications related to supporting early readers, Dr. Janet Mort has created Joyful Literacy – the World’s Best Early-Learning Literacy program. Teachers across the world have been using her model to increase student achievement and enhance engagement with literacy. Her research concludes that over 90% of all children are capable of reading at grade level by the end of grade two. The key is provide a program and environment to advance their learning.


Tracking the progress of the students with Early Literacy Assessment

Dr. Mort states there are nine essential components required for vulnerable readers. One of them being able to assess and track the skills daily with the Circle Charts.

Circle Charts Assessment for Early Literacy

Circle charts assessments to track the skill mastery of each student.

Blank circles indicate the skills that have not yet been mastered by the child; half circles identify skills that require review and re-assessment; filled-in circles indicate skill mastery, and the colors indicate which term the child mastered the skill.

The goal is skill mastery for tier one and tier two children before the end of grade 2. Tier three children will likely require external support and pullout services. These charts will follow the young learners and pass on to the next teacher to avoid unnecessary re-assessments.


A better tool for English teachers

In the past, the educators who have been using Dr. Mort’s circle charts assessment rely solely on pen and paper to keep track of the learning progress. The process is often tedious and cumbersome for the teachers to be carrying around pieces of paper while teaching. Therefore, with the help of Junyo, Dr. Mort translates her works into a practical app which can be used by all teachers.

Joyful Literacy App Screenshot

Screenshot of the app: User can see the progress of their students at a glance.

Junyo and Early-Literacy

The new app, Joyful Literacy, is powered by Junyo technology and enables teachers to track and measure the foundational skills of young English learners on their mobile devices. Skills reviewed include phonics and word recognition, the concepts of print, pronouncing common words, reading fluency and comprehension. Each user, or teacher, can create multiple classrooms, individual profiles and lessons. They can record the literacy levels of their students to gain a full picture of progress. They can review an individual’s skill mastery at a glance to see which students need support and even explore new concepts and skills through the app.


Junyo has just opened the beta sign-up form for this application. Teachers can sign up to join the beta list at