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The secure way to use open and licensed content for instruction

Junyo Streams is the secure way to use open and licensed content for instruction. We recognize the needs of all users – administrators, teachers and students. Our content platform, lesson plans, dashboards and learning experiences fill these needs.

We deliver learning that’s just right for the ways you like to learn.
We empower you to build lesson plans with curricular-aligned content and receive real-time feedback about student progress.
We deliver a rich content platform that improves the success of your schools while giving you critical data insights.
Junyo of Menlo Park, CA, develops tools and platforms that leverage the enormous power of big-data analytics. We’re developing a broad foundational database that supports multiple applications within K-12 education. Junyo Streams is a flexible classroom toolset for teachers that works with existing LMS systems, curated content and customizable learning “streams”. We’re deeply rooted in education, technology and making the world a better place. Early investors include angel investors, Learn Capital, NewSchools Venture Fund, and Kapor Capital.

“Junyo Streams delivers access to a remarkable array of digital learning content for classroom instruction. Teachers build customizable playlists that use Streams content to provide their students individual personalized learning in a secure online environment.”

Steve Schoettler
CEO of Junyo

Our Values

Power of Data
We believe in harnessing the enormous amount of available data to improve the education system. We help businesses and educational stakeholders make sense of their environments with the ultimate goal of improving learning outcomes.
We believe in developing data applications that improve education sector efficiencies. We help customers and partners deliver the right learning tools to the right student at the right time.
We believe in making a positive difference in the world. Altruism is a strong value in our company culture.
We believe our business model supports multiple sectors of the education space, and the market will reward us through revenue and profitability.

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